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Fans and pumps use motors and drives. The electricity consumed by motors in buildings is significant. Globally electric motors are responsible for 40% of all electricity consumption [The Carbon Trust, Motors and Drives, 2011].  
Operational costs of motors far exceed the initial capital costs; therefore there is the potential for huge savings in energy through efficient use of motor drives.

Oversized motors are inefficient. It is relatively easy to measure the electrical current to the motor and compare this to the rated current.


Incorrectly sized pumps should be sized so that they run at between 50% and 90% of their peak load capacity. Undersized pumps may be running constantly at peak load which is not efficient, while oversized pumps will be running at reduced efficiency (i.e. below 40% rated capacity) all the time.


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On the 30th and 31st of October, Dino Alves had the privilege of visiting the Electrex offices in Reggio Emilia (Italy). There he received information and training on new Electrex products, renewable energy techniques/trends and application examples where such a system is used. "Electrex is a very well established and stable company, providing high quality support and training. The products, both hardware and software, is seamless in design and integration", says Dino.

Electrex has officially issued a certificate to Dino for being formally trained on their full product range, qualifying him to provide full support and training in Southern Africa.




Electrex presents Kilo D6: the revolutionary Energy Analyzer & Data Manager microprocessor based (Dual Core Cortex-M4) with outstanding flexibility and accuracy designed to meet the most demanding monitoring applications of electrical parameters and electrical energy management in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. The high accuracy class 0.5 S according to IEC 61000-4-30, in true-RMS, is obtained by continuously sampling the waveforms of voltages and currents with a very high resolution, thus ensuring the maximum accuracy even in the presence of rapidly varying loads in time

    • High Performance (accuracy class 0.5S)
    • Flexibility (open platform)
    • Reliability (quality of components)
    • Connectivity (RS485, E-Wi, ExpBus, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, NFC)
    • For continuous monitoring (eg IEC 50001)
    • For energy efficiency (eg Directive 2012-27-EU Energy Efficiency Certificates)

The Kilo D6 is available in several versions:

Kilo D6 is equipped with an integrated RS485 port or at the request of an Ethernet port and depending on the versions of inputs / outputs or alternatively a built-in E-Wi antenna for wireless networks and Wi-Fi.

Kilo D6 has a memory of high capacity from 128MB for the recording of data for the analysis of load curves and events such as those related to the norm EN 50160 relative to the holes and to the peaks of voltage, frequency variations and in most even those with current trigger functions, also the instrument architecture allows implementation of changes to the firmware using up-load even remotely at any time in order to add and / or replace the existing characteristics with new and different functionalities.

Kilo D6 is also equipped with an expansion bus, ExpBus, for connecting modules of digital inputs / outputs and analog outputs.

Kilo D6 Q is an Energy & Quality Analyzer & Data Manager that adds to the functions of Kilo D6 those of Quality Supervision energy through visualization of individual harmonics up to the fifty-first (51st), a measurement campaign with automatic parameter selection and programmable frequency (eg the 3 voltages and 3 phase currents is in true effective value than those of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th harmonic and statistical analysis functions (EN 50160).

Kilo net D6 is an Energy & Quality Analyzer & Web Data Manager:open platform connected to Ethernet / Internet via RJ45 port.

The starting point for the continuous monitoring of energy efficiency through the measurement and management of energy parameters (electricity, gas, water, etc..), environmental (temperature, humidity, light, CO2, etc..) and process parameters.

Kilo Q D6 internal to measure the quantity and quality of energy; Web Server and FTP Server.

Communication to other devices via RS485, via radio E-Wi (optional), ExpBus to external devices via the input / output digital and analog, via other interfaces (eg Profibus, Lonbus, KNX, M-Bus, etc..) And through Power line.

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